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Cooking with Kids 
Digital Age

Reimaging learning of the sensual cooking experience for kids 

in a digital age

Bachelor Project with Alma de Andrade Sanderink

#technology vs learning 

#design for disassembly



Education means play = learn

The kitchen helper is created for early contact with

food and nutritional awareness.

To learn self-efficacy at a young age and other important competencies that accompany us up to old age.

The kindergarten could be where a small group of kids can experience and learn how to prepare food while having plenty of time. The kitchen helper for early contact with food.

Haptic sensations

Joy is a haptic kitchen machine that runs with human

empowerment. The whisk rotates by pulling the rope.

The nutrients slide easy from board to bowl.

The Question

There is a lack of cooking with all our senses due to digitalisation and time management.

Parents don‘t want to spend a lot of time preparing food. They buy products like Thermomix to be even faster.

This means we cook less with our senses and are less mindful.

How might we offer children an opportunity to get in early

contact with food to earn nutritional awareness?


Design Process

Concept & Design as a team with a focus on design for disassembly in production. 

I specialised on: form, renderings and visualisations.

Alma created the model with the CNC-Mill.

I used SolidWorks and Keyshot and the

Adobe Creative Suite.

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