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Student Well-being 

Start-Up Approach

hii Founders: Neva Rustad; Victoria Toellner; Melissa Kramer


Hii is a community of students facilitating low-threshold workshops and events to open conversations about mental well-being and building resilience.

The workshops are available for all students and developed in collaboration with TU Delft psychologists.

hii does not provide treatment for psychological problems rather, hii offers an open and supportive arena for peer support and building resilience

- Any student or phD student can join

- Open to students anywhere in their wellbeing journey

- Freedom to pick a workshop of their preference

- hii is independent from student and study associations 


The Question

Long waiting lines at the student psychologists. More than 50% of students with mental health issues (National Institute for Public Health Netherlands, Sept ‘21).

Mental health and well-being is often not seen as something we work on as resilience develops over time with the experience of challenging situations.

The question was can students learn the skills to develop themselves further and take the opportunity to learn about themselves and their well-being journey by teaching each other?

GAP @ TU Delft 
Peer-to-Peer is not offered by the TU Delft yet but wanted as there is much potential in students helping each other as part of preventative care. 

Round Table Discussion @OWEE X Delft with Queen Maxima & the Minister ; Promoting hii

The Design Process 

We started as a team of three, in a masters course in March 2022 and since then we have kept on growing and developing as a student initiative.

Through an iterative process, we combined methods from creative facilitation with positive psychology to facilitate conversations around mental-wellbeing in a low threshold environment for students.

Firstly we used Go to Market Strategies to find out the interest of students in workshops. It was a parallel process of building the brand hii, the workshops as a service, implementation strategy, organisational structure and collaborations. In the second phase, we collaborated with the Study Climate Program at TU Delft to further explore hii, in which student facilitators were trained by us, and we grew our collaborations to market the workshops.




Promote Presonally



TU Delft Promotion


Test & Facilitate


Social Media Promotion

Onboard new Facilitators


Welcome the new team

Collaboration & Implementation

After a successful pilot phase we pitched our future plan to integrate hii as part of TU Delft and completed the prototyping phase. 

Today It’s official!! hii has been incorporated into the student development programme at TU Delft! After a successful pilot, we have built an organisational structure which means hii can continue to offer regular peer-to-peer workshops and events for and by students.


hiilights of the journey have been

- Having over 125 students (and employees) joining our workshops and events!

- Continuing to receive positive and wholesome feedback from participants

- Collaborating with the wonderful TU Delft student psychologists

- Becoming part of the static programme at X TU Delft

- Co-creating with various organisations and associations

Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-24 um 16.03.57.png

Planning the Handover 

Early Start Up Pitch @Yes Delft | June 2022

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