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Environmental Communication


Ausgeschleckt | A paradox 

Impact Goal

A change in our actions, is an important issue in times of drastic environmental problems. However, before changing habits, the first thing to do is to convey knowledge in the right way, in order to tickle people's understanding of the problem.


Ausgeschleckt is a campaign to create awareness for the extinction species.

We play with people's consciences and want to achieve a rethink among consumers. Everyone knows by now that climate change is causing the polar ice caps to melt and the water level to rise. None of this is new. So the ice becomes the tip of the iceberg as a brand message.


2019 Melissa Kramer, Bianca Streich


Travelling Exhibition (BAFU) Bundesamt für Umwelt

Started 16.08.2019 at Umweltbundesamt

Dessau, Germany



How might we create awareness of the extinction of species in the moment of consumerism in a playful way? 


The Concept 

Wooden Stick

In every ice cream is a wooden stick with a characteristic style matching

one of five big environmental themes.

The stick, becoming visible after finishing the ice cream, shows a scale

(in percent) that gives feedback about the disappearance of species,

areas and diversity in our environment.



The environmental themes are exemplified in a funny way by using German

proverbs that are printed on the package.

The combination of packaging, wooden stick, and the way of delivering

the message intends to question and eventually change the current

level of consumption.

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