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Strategic Product Designer

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My name is Melissa

As a Strategic Product Designer, I am working on complex problems to create relevant solutions for people, the planet and society.

I believe that people are the centre of a complex system with all their values and mental models.
The participative design process brings me energy, fun and new perspectives. 

In a strategic design process, I research people’s values and ecosystem connections, the market, trends and developments, I create strategies for transformation and design for a better tomorrow in physical and digital form.

Where to find me at the moment?

@ MakerLab

Experiment Designer in Amsterdam

Mental Health Facilitation

How might we enhance the wellbeing of professionals and students by leading them through three workshops that aim to reflect and express their own issues or personalities? 
+ Trainer & Process coordinator of our new hii Team


Wie können wir die mental Gesundheit von professionellen Personen order Studierenden mit Workshops zum besten beeinflussen.  Wir reflektieren und tragen unsere Persönlichkeit nach außen. 

Freelance: Coaching


How might we help teams to solve problems, generate new ideas and build strategies together 


Wie können wir Teams dabei helfen Probleme zu lösen, neue Ideen zu Entwickeln und Strategien für Transformation zu schaffen

Design & Strategy Participation and Integration Process

> To make us actionable towards a future vision by creating actionable steps
> To foster collaboration, networks & ownership
> To let us dream
> To create the future together

| Design Education Journey

| Work Experiences

During my journey, I worked in different fields of design. I started with physical products specializing in the production processes of furniture and bio-materials. I worked my way into innovation and service design, driven by the curiosity of what is needed to create social and sustainable impact. 

During the last years, I discovered co-creation and facilitation as a big energy factor and a key to creating collaborative action towards change. I got to experience the power of design methods as a reflective tool and a means to break communication issues. 

Within my organization hii, we built up a student well-being service at the TU Delft, organized events and sustainably integrated hii at the TU Delft. A space to reflect and grow personally. 

Founder of hii 

Delft, NL ; TU Delft Collaboration
Feb 2022 - present

> Start Up for Student Wellbeing

Founders: Melissa Kramer, Neva Rustad, Victoria Toellner

Project DiReBio 
TU Potsdam 

Potsdam, GER
Product Design > Co-Creation Design



Berlin, GER
Exhibition Design

NeoNext Berlin

Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-13 um 17.15.21.png

Dark Horse
x Coca Cola

Berlin, GER @Betahaus
Mai. 2019 - Jan 2020
Working Student Design & Innovation


Design Coaching
& Facilitation

2021 + 2022 @ Impact Hub Leipzig
Hackathon Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis, online

2023 @ Hack4Youth; in Delft

Facilitation Hackathon  

@ TU Delft IDE Academy 2022


Training Students @ IDE Academy Workshop 
Host Creative Facilitation Training for Students

with hii on the topic of Well-Being

Helping Out
my happy place |

Helping fellow students and facilitating their research

"You are really good in uncluttering and organising my thoughts"(Neva)

"Was great actually! Thanks to @Melissa who joined! So very pleased. "

(Seb; Dutch Co-Creation Session)


Build, build, build in collaboration.

A family that creates their homes in collaborative action, and the heart of it is my grandpa.

Everyone learns everything. Everyone participates.

Nobody just sits around. That is how it always been. A family mindset. That is how my passion for design started and the passion for interior design of my mum.

School of Life/ Family

Craftsmen Grandpa

5d181c7c-b7bf-4255-8ce3-1a59c1121d76 4.JPG


I'm a Strategic Product Designer. 



> Sustainable Production Cycles (Cradle to Cradle + Biomimicry) 

> Digital Identity Expert(ise)

> Mental-Wellbeing Workshops (hii)

Methodology / Strategy

• Roadmapping

• Market Research

• Value-Sensitive-Design

• Vision in Product Design (ViP)

• Business Models Facilitate


• Interviews

• Focus Groups

• Preparing & Facilitating  


Creative Sessions Host Training

• Host Creative Facilitation Training


Creative Tools

• Sketching

• Adobe Creative Suit 

• Figma

• Video Creation - Premiere Pro

• Basic Animation

• Wix / WordPress


3D / Prototyping + Rendering

• Photoshop

• Solid Works

• Biological Material Design

• Physical Prototyping


German - native, born and raised in Berlin

English - fluent

Dutch - good understanding level & basic chats



3D Pioneers Challenge Finalist 


Cummulus Green 2020 / Bachelor End Project

9. Recycling Design Preis / Fecal Matters


10.2022 - 06.2023
Zukunftsmuseum Nürnberg
| Sonderausstellung Prototypen

Was macht Prototypen aus? Was sind Prototypen, was können sie leisten und was nicht? 

From November:

> 2023

Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt
Exhibition of 3D Prototyping Explorations


Dessau, 100 Jahre Bauhaus 

Fecal Matters 2 days
Recovering Celluslose from Sevage Water 


Travelling Exhibition (BAFU)

Campaign: Ausgeschleckt,

Environmental Awareness for Species Extinction 

2017 - 2018 
Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3D Erfurt
/ 2017-2018 / Roadshow Germany
3D printed Fieldhockey Glove _ Prototyping study 

Designer'in Moments 2021-2023

Training Students Creative Facilitation @IDE Academy

Facilitating hii Workshops

Start Up Pitch @Yes Delft

Training the new Facilitators @hii

Facilitating a creative session @INNOPAY


Promoting hii on world 
mental health day

Creating the first hii workshops 

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