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Designing Cities
Collaborative Learning
and Education

The future of Berlin Tegel 

Bachelor Assignment from TRIAD Berlin 

Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-17 um 10.52.38.png

The Project Brief

TRIAD Berlin: 

An airport is closing and a public are is created. 
How might we use the generated space purpusfully for the whole community of Berlin? 

The Concept 

The newly designed area is made tangible for citizens and visitors. New work concepts are created:

A place where people can educate their selves, work and relax together because they have furniture or technology to suit their needs. A concept for an interactive environment adjustable to different consumer needs and new scientific approaches. 

Part 1 Community Center

A place where people can come together to work or to chill. Interactive technologies with likeable screens and smart data systems make working easy. Public Spaces are open to nature, and adjustable technology in the space is flexible to the user. Screens can be connected to a bigger view or create a movie theatre. There is space for different events and working scenarios,

Smart technologies are collecting new data to improve the workflow.

Part 2 New Materials Exhibition Houses

People can educate their selves within the exhibition houses with existing and new materials.

Part 3 Urban Furniture

Within the closed space of Berlin Tegel, the furniture

can be moved around the area. Build working groups

and are both seat and table.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-17 um 10.48.00.png



Part 2 - Material Exhibition House

Part 3 - Furniture

Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-17 um 10.55.08.png

The Design Process

Concept & Design as a student design team / Rahel Armbröster + Melissa Kramer
I specialised in creating the final visualisations in CAD SolidWorks + Photoshop.

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