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3D Printing 
Prototyping with Technology

Prototyping - Using Technology as a creative means for exploration. 

Limitations of certain technologies lead to identifying a different solution and production method along the way.


Nürnberg Zukunftsmuseum Exhibition 2022-2023

The Experimentation Questions

1 How might we create a prototype within the limitations of technology?

2 How does it limit the design?
3 What is possible? 
4 How does the design change based on the limitations given, and does it enhance creativity or minimalism in the production?

Design Process

3D printing experiments with flexible PLA. 

Awards & Exhibtions

2017 | 3D Pioneers Challenge Finalist 

> 2023 from November

Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt

2022 - 2023

10.2022 - 06.2023

Zukunftsmuseum Nürnberg

| Sonderausstellung Prototypen

Was macht Prototypen aus? Was sind Prototypen, was können sie leisten und was nicht? 


See Exhibition Page:

2017 - 2018 

Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3D Erfurt
/ 2017-2018
/ Roadshow Germany
3D printed Fieldhockey Glove 


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